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Iona Tsiu

Training with Margaret for the Femsport challenge was an absolutely amazing experience. She personalized her workouts to fit the capabilities of each competitor and increased the difficulty as the competition got closer. Training as a group made us bond together very early on and as one big happy Femsport family. She incorporated all elements of the challenge to properly prepare us for the events. She even sacrificed her own car to make sure we were ready for that final “surprise element” in the obstacle course. Since Margaret had competed in Femsport previously, she was able to guide us with ease to our own personal victories whatever they might have been. All my future involvement and entries into Femsport will only be with the help and guidance of Margaret...

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Tracey Hudson

I have been working with Margaret since 2004 and I have seen tremendous results. My body has transformed and I’ve never felt healthier or stronger. Margaret’s easy going, friendly personality and enthusiasm creates a relaxed, comfortable and fun atmosphere. She is creative and makes each workout challenging and interesting by constantly adding new exercises. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. Margaret is very approachable and knowledgeable about fitness and she can provide training programs and advice for any fitness...

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Nancie Knight

In 2003, I signed up for a cardio class with an instructor who was new to me. I was immediately struck by Margaret Maxim’s teaching style. She ensures that class members perform all exercises safely by demonstrating, providing alternatives and observing. 8 years later, I am still eager to sign up and attend Margaret’s classes. Her classes are a great workout; she encourages us to go at our own pace, she provides different levels so that we may challenge ourselves throughout the class and most of all it’s...

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