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MaxPo trains many clients for a number of events here in Vancouver. If you are interested in training for one of these events, please contact us for more information on training packages and schedules.

Tough Mudder

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Toughen Up with MaxPo!

Training for Tough Mudder 2016? Check back in the Spring for details on our 16-week training program.

The 16 Week Tough Mudder Training Program

Through team building exercises, obstacle course practice and circuit style training, we will build your cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and mental grit. Expect to run on trails, dip in lakes and crawl through mud. All fitness levels are welcome – you will get across that finish line!

Tough Mudder is a 17-19 kilometer obstacle course that challenges your strength, stamina, comaraderie and mental grit. What we like about Tough Mudder is that it’s not a race, but a challenge. It’s all about teamwork and helping your fellow Mudders.



Margaret Maxim is an offical Femsport trainer. Femsport is Vancouver’s annual women’s strength and fitness challenge for all ages and fitness levels. In both 2011 and 2012, team MaxPo came in first place, and in 2011, MaxPo’s Iona Tsiu placed first in the novice division. In 2013, both Margaret and Kristal Maxim were official judges for the event.

Want to compete in Femsport 2016? Training starts next summer.