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What’s Up with Workout Wednesday

What’s Up with Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday is a challenging 60-minute full body workout for all fitness levels. The class combines interval circuit training with yoga/bootcamp-inspired exercises using minimal equipment. Unlike going to a crowded class at the local community center, WW caps at 10 participants. I keep it small so I can give personal attention to each individual and offer modifications. If you’re not doing an exercise properly, I will come and assist you. In my class, you’re not just a face in the crowd, you’re a friend.

WW always starts with a 10-minute warmup of easy exercises to get your body prepped for working out.

Next is an intense circuit of 6-10 exercises that change every week to keep your muscles guessing. Have you heard of HIIT or Tabata workouts? High intensity interval training is hot these days and for good reason – it’s very effective. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, alternating between high and Iow intensities can increase your cardiovascular endurance, burn more calories, increase your metabolism and accelerate weight loss. At WW, the exercises, or “stations,” alternate between high-intensity cardio and low-intensity resistance training exercises. Everyone gets 30 seconds at each station to go as hard as they can – with modifications provided depending on their fitness level. No boring bicep curls here – each class offers a balanced workout with compound exercises focusing on all the major muscle groups. With a minute break in between, the circuit is usually repeated 3 times or more, depending on the exercises.

After the circuit, the pace calms down and I lead a number of core conditioning exercises that target the abs, lower back and glutes. These are done at a slow, controlled pace to maintain proper form and increase strength.

The class finishes off with at least 10 minutes of stretching. This crucial component of exercising is often overlooked and undervalued by other trainers. For me, stretching after a workout is just as important as the workout itself. Not only does it prevent potential future injuries and increase flexibility, it can improve your posture and help you regain balance in your body. Plus, it just feels good. Why not reap the benefits of your hard work and stretch it out?

What I love about Workout Wednesday is that it’s the perfect midweek workout. It gives you something to look forward to on Monday and a boost of energy to last til Friday. Come with a yoga mat and a bottle of water – you’ll leave sweaty and a bit sore, but mostly proud for working your butt off.

Workout Wednesdays are offered from 7-8 pm every Wednesday at the Sapperton Pensioners Hall in New Westminster, just a 5 minute walk from Sapperton Skytrain station. It’s $50 a month (4 classes) or $15 drop-in, including tax. You can register for Workout Wednesdays by emailing Kristal Maxim at

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